Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Bright and Shiny

After being sprayed in his impressive protective overcoat, Scarlet Red Hare met his 80 plus pals at Burford Garden Centre. Sadly I was away in Berlin, but Ann Taylor and Abigail Large went on behalf of myself and the Museum in the Park and were impressed by the feast of creativity. After the preview, the hares were al taken to their destinations where they will be for the rest of the year. Scarlet Red Hare is now looking regal and on guard in the courtyard of the Museum, welcoming visitors as they enter. It's the perfect spot as visitors enjoying a cup of tea can get a clear view of his rear - which is just as important as his front in my opinion! Here he is in his final resting place for all to admire and enjoy.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Hare highlights

After finally putting the last few touches to Scarlet Red Hare, we took him outside into the Museum courtyard to get some photos done. Suddenly he seemed to come to life with the natural light on him. He may even get the award rear of the year with his fetching tennis ball tail!
And then it was hare removal time....having worked so hard on him and seeing him come to life, it felt hard letting him go to join his friends in Burford. What worried me most was the thought that the paint would run when he got sprayed....did I cover all the acrylic paint marker? As I am away in Berlin until March 10th, sadly I won't see him in Burford Garden Centre where he will meet his fellow hares for the first time on March 9th. I do hope you stand up tall Scarlet Red Hare and do Stroud proud!

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Touching up

Having a few days off in between painting gives me chance to stand back and take stock. Sometimes I flit from one small detail to another, then notice something else and I quickly wash my brushes in order to complete another task. Being a perfectionist, I guess I will always see the wrong stroke, where paint has overlapped too much or a crooked line - so it is important to stand back and see it as a whole. Here are some more images of the final touches being made.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Hare extensions

During December the Museum in the Park is closed to the public and much goes on behind the scenes: cleaning, moving and decorating. Whilst it is great to talk to people as they come and go, the fact there were no visitors, meant a lot of work could be done without interruption. I was able to turn the hare over, upside down, on his side and get to parts that I normally can't reach and apply extra coats of paint where necessary. I added some mills and refined some details. These images are the progression made over those weeks.